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Doesn't the Single Ten come with a 22 Magnum cylinder? That means you can run from 22 BBCap, 22 Zimmer, all the way up to 22 magnum.

edit: the Single Six has 6-shot cylinders in 22 and 22 magnum. Posts 14 and 20 inform me the Single 10 and Single 9 do not have interchangeable cylinders. Thanks, meanmachine1961 and TennJed. I have wanted a 10-shot 22 revolver but purposely avoided researching the Single 10 because once I have seen it, I know I will have budgetary cramps until I get it. I don't look forward to that.

I also own 3 Mark II and one Single Six and find accuracy comparable between the two types, except for my Mark II with the 10" Bull Barrel, which shoots like a rifle. But my 6" Dan Wesson 22 outshoots them and ties with the 10".

The stripping of the semi-auto is not that hard. Reassembly is always like putting together a puzzle. So, votes for the revolver.

Reloading during plinking sessions, hands down, the semi-auto, especially with the "Cliploader" tool I have. I can fill a magazine faster than I can shoot. Literally. So, unless you are on an ammunition diet, the semi.

I agree with TennJed. Old revolver technology just CAN, and very well, too. I suspect either the clerk was pushing inventory or has bought into the semi-auto hype and "THINKS" (the quotes are deliberate, because this is obviously is not thinking, but parroting) he has something to contribute to your purchasing decision.

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