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Thanks for the reply.
My front sight is canted far to the right, so I pushed the post over as far to the left as it can go and that put the POI dead center.

Funny thing that due to the curve of the sight ears the post being that far to one side doesn't really detract from the sight picture that much.

Accuracy was very very good, though I've only fired a few rounds at close range the bullets all went in one ragged hole not much bigger than bullet diameter.
I figure it should be good for 2-3 MOA at worst and probably much better.

No problems with functioning at all, the action seems to be slick and smooth, no hang ups on the hammer as some have reported.
Trigger pull is very long but very smooth, as it should be for safe carrying with rifle at the ready, no getting bumped or tripped and the gun going off unintentionally.

I've fired AK rifles before and was not impressed, but this rifle is unpretentious and delivers better performance than expected. I'm pretty much pleased with it, and the only thing I'd need to be perfectly satusfied with it would be to take the cant out of that sight base.

My lower has the scope mount base riveted on.
Any idea where I can find the rest of the scope mount for one of these?
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