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Originally Posted by dickttx
If I understand the OP he is not asking about changing calibers, but about loading small batches.
The LCT is excellent for that, but, to take full advantage of it you would need a second set of dies. Your best bet might be loading a cartridge at a time with what you have.
You are correct. But loading small batches has a lot in common with changing calibers, particularly in my mind.

The startup procedures to get a progressive running in steady state takes at least 4 cartridges. If you are only going to load a batch of 5 and then change seating depth or charge weight or something a single stage or turret is just easier.

Yes, a second set of dies. A second turret would help a lot, too. And at $10 to $13 each is a foregone conclusion for me. I have been thinking about putting a powder measure dedicated to each set of dies permanently on each die/turret set, too.

But then, I have to consider storage space. I have to draw the line somewhere.

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