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So what are your high mileage round counts?

I'm simply curious. I'd like to hear from members on what the high round count pistols in the current or past collections might be.

I'm interested in rimfire and centrefire, revolver and semi, factory and reload. So the parameters are quite wide but here are the restrictions.

-I want to know real life numbers: no gross estimations or rounding up to the nearest 10k (6500 rounds is NOT "just under 10K"!!), so be honest with yourselves!!

-I am interested in any rates of malfunctions. Again let's be honest!! Let's not up the numbers for a gun we dislike or lower them for those we love. (Come on!! Don't deny it: it happens to the best of us!!)

-I am also interested in any consumables that have been bought. Worn recoil springs, main springs, firing pins etc...(not upgrades, unless due to a breakage or wear).

So I'll start although having only been shooting for about a year, my round counts are low...:

Despite recently going into a wheelgun phase, thanks to getting my reloading under way, the two contenders are still my Glock 19 and Ruger MkIII.

The Glock (bought used with allegedly 1500rds through it) has had about a further 1300 rounds through it, with a spate of light strikes a while back and one stove pipe. The light primer strikes seemed to be ammo related, and the stove pipe: who knows? Limp wristing, perhaps?.

The Ruger (bought, AFAIK, new)has had about 1100-1200 rounds with stacks of FTEs. This was documented in other threads and may have been ammo choice or newness, but has improved over recent months, now that I stick to one or two ammo brands...

Over to you.
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