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Originally Posted by Seaman View Post
How about the Mississippi woman who was shot thru the brain with a 380 (thru & thru), survived, and then made tea for the investigating officer.

If the same shot had been made with a 9mm para bullet, which is heavier and travels significantly faster, it is likely that the victim would be immediately (and permanently) stopped.

Have carried the Sig P238, ankle BUG, but prefer the PPK in 32 ACP for that role. Better cartridge.

Carry a 9mm, 40 cal, 44 spl or 45, and survival chances improve.
Phineas Gage took a gunpowder-propelled railroad spike to the brain and lived. Flukes happen. The vast majority of folks shot in the head or heart aren't getting up, .380 or .45 ACP.

I made a neat hand-sized group with my LCP at ~20 yards today. Shot placement. I can put those rounds where I need them, quickly, and while one .380 round is marginal, seven of them delivered rapidly center mass will do the trick enough for me to get the heck out of there and call 911
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