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Sounds like two good quick overviews. Well longshot, yes $ is important. I would be nice if I got through it on a 1000 -1200. If it takes more, I'm still all ears and why. Armalite I read were first to make it, I wasn't sure if there price was do to their name rep or if it was truly that good. I was looking at rock rivers on Gunbroker 3weeks ago, seems there were plenty of 223, but a tiny bit of 308s. Made me wonder if there is a shortage of them in 308?? I'm going to the gun soon to hold more. Just kinda looking for more quick reccomendations. Thank you Crowhunter for the explanation on why the stock is the way it is. I've tried to make myself like the mini 14 as I tried to make myself like golf, but I just feel cramped up holding it. I havent had the opportunity to fire on, just held them in the stores. 10/22s have the same feeling, but not as bad. All my neighbore had one, best funtiong 22 for the $ by far, but it always felt to fat, for how much gun it was. Another question I want to add , is what is a rail? Looking at pics, it looks like they removed the top handle on ARs and have a place for a scope, or is it sights??
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