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Originally Posted by CWKahrFan View Post
In both cases, no, not enough for ME to notice... But as I said, I'm no expert.

Yes. From the net chatter I've read, light strikes seems to be the biggest bugaboo in SOME units of this series, in both 9 and .40... It's kinda mysterious... A lot of hi-round-count owners report excellent reliability with no problems.

From what I've read, most owners whose units eventually developed the light-strike problem, and who sent them in to Ruger CS, have been generally satisfied that the problem was taken care of. Exactly WHAT Ruger CS is doing to them, I don't know.
One of the first things I did was clean my SR40. I removed the striker and found the channel filled with grease! I gave it a good cleaning but I never had an issue with light strikes.
I think Ruger packs the firing pin (striker?) with grease from the factory. It becomes very easy to get all gunked up and I think that might be the cause for the light strikes.
Just thought I would pass that info along.
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