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Originally Posted by sigcurious View Post
Handgun bans were lifted, and please cite a single town that had an outright prohibition on firearms. The statement is outdated and incorrect.
Seven years ago the town of Evanston banned handgun ownership. There was a town near Schaumburg that had an outright ban on all guns. I will have to call my buddy there to confirm which town it was.

Don't get all defensive! It's not my problem that you live in a state that does not recognize your inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

Who knows... Maybe in a few decades we will all remember fondly about a time when people there couldn't conceal carry legally! Sad part is neither you or I will be alive to see that day.

So..... once again.... life sucks for you and your rights. Suck it up and just remember.... there are places (like Vermont, where I live) that don't screw you over on the 2nd amendment.

Breathe deeply and hope for a change in the future. After all... That is the best you can hope for.
As for me, I'll think about you as I blast rounds off at the range... and pray for the day that you too can be free like me.
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