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What Would You Like In a Youtube Gun Review?

So you see a gun you think you'll really like, whether online, a local shop or maybe the range. You want to watch a couple videos to see what it's like. You think you may be interested in buying one. Now, you may go search for a review on it. Pros, cons, and everything in-between. You want to make sure it's decent before you buy it, right?

Well I'm interested in doing some gun reviews on my youtube channel. My first review will probably be on the Marlin 795, which I happen to love... Anyway, what are some things you would like to have addressed in a review?

Don't get me wrong, I love Nutnfancy's reviews. He's thorough, honest and gives as much data as he can. The thing is, he's very long winded. His videos are often between 25-50 mins long. He often repeats many things. In his reviews, he has a list of "talking points". These talking points are great, but they really contribute to his long-windedness. I like them, but for me, I want to trim them down considerably.

Nutnfancy's talking points are as follows:

Philosophy Of Use (POU)
Size, Weight
Ergonomics (Controls, trigger, sights, feel)
Field Strip and MX
Accessories, Versatility
Durability and Reliability
Track Record

You might be able to understand why he's long-winded when you look at his talking points... Here are the main talking points I plan to use in my reviews. It will be similar to what he does, but refined, trimmed down for things that I like to hear.

1. (Read off specs) and first impressions
2. Build quality (prob. talk about trigger, stock. Does it feel sturdy?)
3. Accuracy (Give some groups w/ diff ammo, overall group size to expect, etc)*show a few shooting clips*
4. Durability (How well has it held up?)
5. Philosophy of Use (What can this be used for?)
6. Accessories
7. Final Thoughts / Things to note (briefly talk about value, additional things I like/dislike and wrap-up.

I pretty much cut down to 6 talking points, rather than 8. I also cut off things like "Versatility" because I feel the "POU" talks about that. There's no reason to go into it further. I feel the same way about firepower. I think it's a somewhat useless thing to talk about. We already know the caliber and how many the gun can hold, why keep talking about it?

So, what else would you like to see? Anything here that doesnt need to be included? Long post, but I just want to put out the best reviews I can within reason and I thought I'd get some guidance from possible viewers.
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