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Glad you could join the club. A few things - this is the same frame as a Python - I frame - frame mounted firing pin. Its the same dimensions as the E frame, but the E has the hammer mounted firing pin. Your gun has the optional (today hard to find) target grips to my eye target hammer (your pic is a bit blurry). Mine also has target grips and a target hammer. These are great guns. Historically they were made both before and during Python production. For a few years, there was the trooper in 22 and 38, the "service" model 357 (service model only due to finish IMO - very high quality) and the deluxe model 357 aka Python. Its a bit of a misnomer to say it was Colt's "top of the line" 357 because it was in fact the only 357 before the Python (after WWII). Before WWII Colt had the Shooting Master and the New Service in 357 but both of those models were discontinued for WWII never to be made again.

Here is my gun, SN 12XX - first year 1954 production.

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