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I'm the only one working at my house...she is a stay at home Mom...its easy for me to "manage" the situation because of how I get paid (truck driver, direct deposit, paycheck summary via email)...she never knows how much I get paid.

I give her a set amount every week...a "budget" that we worked out together to cover her and my sons wants and needs.

As long as she gets her share every week (its a nice share) and I pay the bills...I can buy all the toys I want.

My annual "fun" budget is around $3,000 a year (used to be more...had to cut back in 2008)...that has to cover guns, reloading stuff, hunting know, all the fun stuff.

As has been said...where wives are concerned...its wise to work with them, not against them...some are easier to work with than others (I got it right the 2nd time)

EDIT: And if you want a woman to let you manage the bills without her ever asking any questions (this goes against their nature) first have to prove that you're good at it and have your priorities in line.
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