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Originally Posted by jimbob86 View Post
(...caps lock key, mon frere'.)

With 640 acres being a square mile, centerfire rifle catridges capable of going 5X that, and Florida being flatter than 4F feet ..... you all might be launching lottery tix for negative consequences. Your call, though.
Didn't think my first post here would be even remotely argumentative, but so be it. How many ranges actually have your 5mile safety zone? I'd be willing to bet none of them have more than one mile of buffer space unless it's a 1,000+yd range, even then I doubt it. The closest range to me probably has 1,000yds at the most between its berm & my cousin's 40-50 acres & I can guarantee there are houses within 1,000 uses at the most of the firing line.
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