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My first handgun was a "4 Aces" derringer, then a "Little Ace," then I moved up to a lightweight Browning .25. I guess I learned the hard way, but I was able to shoot them accurately enough to be very confident in carrying them. Some years later I got a .22 short NAA mini revolver and carried it for many years. One of the most accurate guns I ever owned was a Beretta Minx M4 (the longer 3-1/2" bbl. version.) I used to hustle people with their brand new custom-built, bull bbl. target .38s. I would challenge them to a match, shooting at a cardboard 50 rd. .22lr box hung from the target carrier at 25 yards. The most hits out of 5 won. I made a lot of people very mad.
I have collected and shot pocket guns for a long time. One thing I learned was most of them are very accurate, but hard for most people to shoot.
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