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KyJim - you make an excellent point that is worth noting, IMO, by anyone who has multiple SD semi-autos: "don't want to get confused with it's backwards safety (down for safe, up for fire)"

I am left-handed and learned this wisdom long, long ago because operating the controls of most pistols is more awkward for southpaws. In a tense moment, maybe in the dark, maybe when you just woke up, maybe when an animal is coming at you, if you have and use a manual safety you sure want it to function in the same manner and exactly in the same up/down direction. Even better if the slide release and mag release function similarly and are in the same general place.
I personally do not worry about it on my 3914 because I carry it as a DA/SA gun. I decock it and carry it in DA mode so the backwards safety never comes into play.

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