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Pretty much sums up my assessment, after about two years, and 1,850 rounds. I owned an G17 back in the early '80s, and hated it. The plastic front sight flew off during qualification/transition session, and the factory Rep/Armorer on site blamed a bad batch of plastic. He replaced all 25 G17s that day, no hesitation. I've been prejudiced against the Glock ever since, but finally got tired of hearing all the praise and hype, decided to try one as a personal firearm.

Nothing bad to say, other than wishing the finger grooves matched my big fingers a little better. Still quite comfortable to hold, just doesn't really please me in a prolonged shooting session. Something about the fit just isn't quite right. Still, I've become very fond of my utterly reliable and unfailingly accurate Gen4 Model 23. It goes with me most days, almost everywhere.

Hope I don't qualify as a 'fan-boy', but I've even recommended it to a few of the other guys from work who were shopping for a new off-duty piece. Those who have bought one (I can think of three), have all come to share my observations and sentiments, including that which I've stated about the grip. If you're shooting less than a couple boxes of cartridges at a time, that's not really noticed, and shouldn't be a problem.

By the way, mine doesn't look as pretty as yours anymore. Signs of character and experience.
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