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Please define shoot well for me LOL. If we are talking about center mass hits at 3 to 5 yards then just about anything will get the job done but if we are talking consistent center mass hits at 15 yards that is a whole different ball game.

For me the CW9 is a great balance. I do not pocket carry so I do not need the smaller CM9/PM9. I can get a full grip on the CW9 and it completely disappears in a IWB holster under a T-Shirt and I do not notice the weight at all.

I can get consistent groups of under 3" at 15 yards so for me it meets all of my needs for a carry gun role. I know that I can draw and fire with enough accuracy to score meaningful hits at self defense ranges which is the guns intended purpose.

That said it does not compare to the accuracy of my Govt 1911 or BHP.
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