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Is it OK to buy a floor model gun and pay NIB price?


First ever post on the firing line forums, but have been browsing the threads for months now. I came across a situation today at my local gun shop, and wasn't sure what to do in this particular scenario.
I having been eying up the Sig Sauer P220 Match Elite for quite some time now, and went to my LGS to pick one up. They aren't particularly common P220's, but I called ahead and they verified that they had one NIB, so I asked them to hold it for me until I got off of work that day. It was $1200 and the guy would not budge off of that price whatsoever. I told him that I would buy the gun, figuring that it would be tough to find another one.
After checking inventory he said that they didn't have one NIB, only what was on the floor. I was a little angry that the guy said they had 1 NIB, when in reality he didn't check, but whatever no biggie. He said I could take the floor model though, so I looked over the P220 with careful detail, I didn't see anything really wrong with the finish or anything, but the slide release was incredibly hard to depress. I'm not sure if that's normal or not, since I only have handled a half dozen or so pistols. I asked if they could take $75-100 off the price of the gun since it's a floor model which has been handled and dry fired before. Again, they wouldn't budge off of $1200.

My multi-part question is....
1) Is it normal for the floor model to be considered NIB?
2) Should one assume that the price of a floor model be discounted from NIB price?
3) If I did purchase this firearm, is a really tight slide release normal when new? Was curious on this too
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