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Yeah...and by the way, it's Crook County. Get it right.

but at least I'm not in Cook county so I don't have to spend hundreds to get each gun registered.
I was in Crook County, and did not have to register any guns or pay any fees...are you sure that is not a city of Chicago thing?

Don't know about the legality of driving to IN to a range. I don't believe it would be a problem as long as you are not attempting to buy a gun across state lines, and I know that is not your intent.

I am not a lawyer. I am pretty sure that if you visit an IN gun shop/range and are up-front, I cannot see where you will have a problem.

Edited to add...if you are stuck in the area for family reasons, you can live in IN or WI, and be an hour or so from your relatives in Crook County.

You can live in the real world every day and occasionally visit those who choose not to.

When I retire in 6-10 years, I will be looking at that area. But as the laws are currently written (not just CCW, but taxes and others) I will choose southern WI or NW IN over IL.

Best regards, Rich

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