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Originally Posted by orionengnr View Post
First off, get your FOID.

When I left IL, you were not allowed to touch a firearm without presenting your FOID. Seriously, when I went to a gun show (Lake County, not Crook County) or visited a gun shop (same), before I could handle any firearm, I had to show your FOID. Likewise, when I went to a range, before they would assign me a lane, I had to show my FOID.

I cannot imagine that it has gotten any better in the last few years. As much as I enjoyed my time in IL, there is no way I will ever move back there unless/until there is a serious regime change...and that is not going to happen.
I moved out here for college, met my wife here, and for family reasons, I will be stuck here for the foreseeable future. I wish things could get better, but at least I'm not in Cook county so I don't have to spend hundreds to get each gun registered.

It's silly that I can't even handle a gun without a FOID. I wonder if I could just drive down to a shop in Indiana and pick up and run a few practice rounds through my handgun of choice. Last I heard, they don't require a FOID as its an Illinois only thing. It would be a 45 minute drive, which wouldn't be bad.

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