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Keep calm

Originally Posted by tkglazie
Originally Posted by Shootest
What you need is a turret press. The Lee “Classic” Turret is the lowest priced one that is acceptable. Although a RCBS, Lyman, or Redding will also work well. Note: don’t bother with the Lee Turret, it’s just a piece o junk in MHO. Since you already have a 550 and a 650 a Hornady AP will do you no good.
Ah, what a wonderfully insightful opinion! Just a piece of junk that makes beautiful cloveleafs for the whole wide world to see. I guess you are right and the rest of us delighted LCT owners are wrong. Anyone know if an LCT has any junk value?

Tell us, expert, what troubles did you have with the LCT that you owned?
tkglazie, you didn't read the post well enough. Lee makes two turret presses. Shootest praised the Classic Turret. He was trying to steer you AWAY from the other one, the poorly named Deluxe Turret.

The Deluxe is aluminum vs cast iron, has an vertical opening a full inch shorter than the Clasic, does not handle spent primers nearly as well and has a linkage that is not as strong.

They do, however operate identically.

Do not confuse the current Deluxe Turret, which has a 4-hole turret to the Older, discontinued but still available, Deluxe turret which has a 3-hole turret.

The Lee Classic Turret is definitely superior to the Lee Deluxe Turret, though both produce equal-quality ammunition (in my opinion).

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