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How much would that conversion kit cost?
I think it is around $250 for the kit... For a little more you can get a dedicated 22lr pistol... but some people like to be able to use the same frame and trigger.

Using the kit does limit your options should you want to change the hammer spring for a lighter trigger pull. (an easy to do and cheap upgrade) While most 9mm will ignite primers reliably with a #15 or #16 hammer spring, for 22lr #18 is needed for reliability. (stock is #22)

I you decide you want to do the hammer spring swap... its less than $10 for the spring and about 15-30 minutes of time... And it really lightens the pull...

CZs are known to have stiff triggers out of the box, but they smooth out after a few hundred rounds. The triggers are decent/good but not great...

I put in a #16 and I have a DA pull around 10lb and a SA around 4.5lb... estimated by compairing to pistols with known trigger pulls. Need to verify. (wanted #15 but they were out of stock) I also did a trigger job myself and polished the trigger parts, but that is not needed... But I ended up with a real nice trigger when I was done.

A good gun smith can tune up a CZ trigger to being one of if not the best DA/SA trigger available... Heck any competent smith can tune one to better than most other pistols... But as I said, its not required, many CZ users just leave the trigger stock or at most drop in a lighter hammer spring, and let the trigger smooth out over a few hundred rounds, and they are more than happy with the trigger.
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