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Does the CM9 have the same trigger as the PM9? I think it does, but of the two, I've only shot the PM9 so I don't know first-hand.

Originally Posted by GunFooMaster
Why not throw the MK9 into the mix.

The mk9 is not that far ahead in price with the pm9, yet the weight help firing control for some while others focus on remembrance.

I'd skip the pm9 (cm9 fancied up) and decide from a cm9 or mk9
My best friend had an MK9 that he traded on a PM9. I shot both pretty extensively. There is a big difference in the weight of the two. I think the MK9 is too heavy for its size. If I'm going to go that heavy I'd go a little heavier and get the K9 or K40. IMO, they are just as concealable as the MK9, they aren't that much heavier, and they are just as thin. For that you get a longer grip and slightly more weight that make a big difference in controllability, a slightly longer sight radius, and one more round. So for me, the decision wouldn't be MK9 or CM9, if I also consider a metal Kahr the question would be plastic and small (capable of acting as a larger pocket gun) or metal but a little bigger (but still small) with the K9/K40. I will probably eventually end up with both, though when I do look at the K9/K40 I do have a couple other options on the table (when I go that size I'll also look at the slightly wider SIG 239 and only slightly wider but double stack S&W M&P Compact).
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