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Will do Mike. Perhaps I should address this via PM, but I would like to make it public at least initially as it seem to be a frequent matter of confusion and controversy.

Question: Politics (discussed in an intellectual matter) are paramount IMO to the very survival of this board itself. This being a General Discussion Forum would seem to suggest that such discussion would be permissible (again, within the parameters of proper decorum). I just don't understand how something so absolute and irrefutably related to our industry can be brushed under the rug so to speak as though it's to be hidden (taboo like in its very nature)? It's analogous to me like discussing teenage pregnancy absent including within that very same conversation the variable/factor of birth control, abstinence etc....?

Please understand that I ask such in Respect to the Mods as well as all members of the forum at large.

*Note: Yes I did read the Forum rules/guidlines but did not see an statement/explanation to this particular (and apparent) offense.

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