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Originally Posted by sigcurious View Post
It's been awhile since you've lived in IL, please don't spread outdated and incorrect information. Please see McDonald v Chicago. Might also help to check out District of Columbia v Heller.
Oh yeah... because of course they allow concealed carry now, how foolish of me!
A couple of victories in the court system has not given Illinois residents the right to carry.
I have relatives and LEO friends there so I'm not out of the loop.
You still don't get a permit, you still don't pass go... sorry.
Sure is nice though that you can keep a gun in your house now.
Do they allow bullets as well or do you have to wait for another court ruling for that?
The only thing different from then and now is that with Heller, Illinoisans won the right to have a gun in the house.
Lets not get all righteous when all that Heller has done is baby steps.
Your making it sound as though you've stepped out of the Stone Age into the light.
All Heller and McDonald did was change the "bulb".

Just sayin..... Ya know?

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