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Total POS! I had one (or two depending on how you look at it) many, many years ago. It worked fine and accuracy wasn't bad for a pistol of its size but that one day all changed. While racking the slide to chamber a round, the frame broke right at the trigger pin. One look and seeing how thin the metal is here on the top and bottom of the trigger pin, I guess I should have seen that coming. Well, I sent it back (Iver Johnson was still in business back then) and they replaced the frame and sent it back so that's why you can look at it as having had 2 of them. Being an idiot rather than selling it right away, I decided to go out and shoot it more a few years later. Once again, the frame broke right in the same spot just like the last one. This time though, Iver Johnson had gone the way of the Dodo so I wound up selling it at a gunshow as a parts gun. If it were me, I would run like hell the other way rather than take a chance on that piece of crap if I were you.
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