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In the six or so years I have had my CHL, I started with a G-23, went through a number of different semis (larger and smaller, polymer, steel and alloy frames), a bunch of revolvers (from Scandium J-frames to Scandium N-frames, then steel K and N-frames), and back to semis again.

In the end, I carry what I shoot best. That is a 1911. The magazine capacity is admittedly limited, but we all make our choices and live (or die) with them.

Rules for a gunfight #10. Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it... because it is empty.
I have heard this many times, but let's consider the philosophical distinction between being beaten to death with an empty 5-shot revolver because I didn't bring a reload, and being beaten to death with an empty G17 after I have expended three 17-round mags...assuming a similar hit ratio with each. (That could be 50%, could be 100%...could be 0%)

The first indicates poor strategic planning (not enough ammo for the forseeable conflict)...the second indicates that I tried to take on an army single-handedly...which probably indicates poor tactical planning...

No matter which side you come down on, it's an interesting discussion.
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