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Thanks for the info. I had not sighted it in in a long time, so I took it to the indoor range the other day to do just that, along with sighting some others in. The lane I was on has a vent that somewhat blows the target from about 15 - 30 yards, so the target is generally moving. I usually fire 3 rounds and assess. I fired one cylinder of regular Winchester 240gr jsp mags. On the second cylinder, suddenly sand poured out of the small sandbag rest I was using. The blast totally ripped it. After getting a new one, I was aiming for the upper left target and the pole that the clip on was too low. Bent the pole at more than a 90 degree angle. Took care of that when the hammer started sticking some. Fired a cylinder with some Hydra Shoks and some Buffalo Bore and the cases were sticking...

Anyway, gave it a good cleaning and I'll get it back out soon and try it again. Hopefully this time it won't be so eventful.
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