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Trust, share and bribe the judge.

As for mine, she is still afraid of guns but slowly breaking down and willing to come with me on a range trip some day. Ill keep working on her but I digress....
As in so many things, in a relationship, it all comes down to a matter of trust. Any limits that I might have are strictly a matter of money. When I come home from a GunShow, she always asks me what I bought. If I buy nothing, she gets slightly disappointed. If I buy something, she always wants to see it and have me explain what it is. If I sell something, she gets a bit upset. Doesn't hurt that every once in awhile, I have the opertunity to slip her a Ben Franklin. She likes to collect them....

If I'm going to share the wealth, it's going to be with my spouse and kids. ..

Be Safe !!!
'Fundamental truths' are easy to recognize because they are verified daily through simple observation and thus, require no testing.
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