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We hope a company will be making our modeled 12ga sabots soon, this fall, to deliver to reloaders and suppliers.. We also got first part of funds collected for the initial big run for our 585HE long cases being made. Sending in bunch this week, and need more to make run bigger For more info if your interested contact me.

We, others, and 'VdoMemorie' on the Cast Bullet forums and Shotgun World are experimenting with 58cal Minie slugs and 58cal round balls in 20ga wadcups, and find it is away to slug load your 20ga economically. You can use 20ga Commander wad and also shorter "sporting 20 short" wad from BPI. I cut bottom off of commander and use felt wads and 20ga obturator seal with .575" 470gr minie slug and got 4" group at 30 yds, with smooth barrel. That is with heavy thick,smooth barrel I put in CBC below.

Here is picture of the CBC break action that I mono-blocked in smooth super heavy, thick 20ga barrel..30" long, chambered for 3.5" cases. Works great with 3.5" plastic or brass cases.

Here is picture of the 1887 WIn with my 585HE in it. I put in a heavy barrel and different kind of extractor Barrel is 28".. I like putting my 585HE in all the old style of guns, just to show all the uses the case has.

I found supply of super long bmg cases to make my 700HE Long cases. It is 4.27" long and holds over 370 gr ball powder, 1000gr at 3400 plus. I have it in my Vulcan BMG bolt action and I just got one done in a MRC PH bolt gun, in picture below...Ed

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