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Deputy did nothing wrong? try this one on for size..

Question: If Brian Herzel had been Joe Citizen, do you think he would have been charged with murder?

No, Brian Herzil never was charged with anything. He resigned to move to Florida. This was from the same DA that did not find anything wrong with Karl Thompson's murder of Otto Zehm...It took 5 years and a FEDERAL court to convict Thompson...and now, total of 6 years later, Thompson is still not in Jail.

Or maybe some of you have heard of Ian Birk? and his murder of Native American woodcarver Williams? Cost the city $1.3M.. Birk? well he went on to cost the City a few more $$$$$$$$ before they finally fired him. Jail time, hej, he's a cop, he can do what he wants...

might want to check:

When I hear a cop shot a civilian, I no longer even consider it might be justified unless there is some part of the report that states the person shot was actively shooting at the cops.

Why are cops so trigger happy? There is no incentive not to be. Shoot someone and get paid "administrative leave" for as long as the jurisdiction decides to take to "investigate". Most incidences that would put Joe Citizen in in prison, or at least in court...they are never charged, and if they are charged their union pays for their lawyers.

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