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I'm old enough (47) that my eyes don't do well with irons, its not so much that I can't see at distances, with glasses I do fine, but looking at my target and trying to work with the front sight at 50-100 yards is just not working for me. I've also come to a point where I avoid things with batteries.

I have played around with some of Bushnell's less expensive ($70+/-) 1x-4x scopes, because at "1x" you basically have a non-illuminated (battery-less) "red dot" -- in that your eye is focused on one thing only - the target - and your sighting optic is perfectly clear at all times.

In my current quest, I'm looking for something to go in a more forward (scout-like) mounting location, so I need something with flexible if not unlimited eye relief. I have one of Leupold's scout scopes on a Marlin 44 Lever, and I love it, but I'd like to get a larger diameter tube and no magnification... if such a thing exists.

Comn-cents -- can you let me know which of their red dots you are referring to, or do they all have cross hairs?
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