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Allen. I left California way back in 1970 because of several reasons, one being San Francisco's finest were liable to blow my head off. Seriously, every time I loaded stuff to go to the reange and here comes trhe cops, guns drawn, hammers back and itchy fingers on the trigger just because some nosy old biddy with nothing better to do that watch the world from her window saw me put a couple of rifles in the trunk of my car. One time was bad enough but it got to be just about every time I headed to the range. The cops all knew who I was after a while and when I complained about the police harassment, I was told to turn in my guns and it would stop. What I said to him was not very nice and was composed of many well chosen 4 letter words. About that time my lady friend had to move out of state and after driving long hours for very little time, I just up and quit my job, moved to Nevada and a year later we got hitched. For the record, we're still hitched. At that time your esteemed witch Fienstien was mayor of Frisco which made for an gun unfriendly PD anyway. The only times we ever went back was for family stuff or holidays and now that they're all dead and buried, I don't think I'll ever see the Golden State again.
I can only hope that California doesn't completely outlaw guns and hunting before you make your escape. I can recommend Arizona as a gun and hunting friendly state. Tags can be hard to draw for some species but you can CCW without a permit here. I wish you luck getting away from that loony bin.
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