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Can you imagine Obama getting a gun?...
OK, I'll bite--No (I realize it's rhetorical ). The current POTUS even refused Colt's traditional offering of a pair of customized 1911's (not that it should come as a surprise to anyone--I'm just sayin'). Absent opining and being solely empirical here, it's obvious that the JFK-like Democrat (relative in this thread to the Second Amendment only) are rare indeed compared to his generation and, perhaps, not to be seen again in terms of their Presidential nominee.

Conversely, I do not believe his potential/possible successor will do likewise but happily accept the Colt's...Hopefully (just my opinion) we get the opportunity to see Colt resume it's tradition (he says with toes and fingers both crossed ).

***Correction***: Actually it appears as though from what I can tell in this link that President Clinton was the only POTUS on record to officially decline Colt's traditional offering--It does not state for the record either way pertaining to President Obama. I am interested in determining this and will see what I can officially find and update accordingly.
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