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Originally Posted by David White View Post
That is the way it is in the Republic of Illinois! Some towns ban handguns, some ban long guns and some ban them all!
I spent six years in various locals of that crappy state and I had to get out!
If you don't have a FOID card ( firearm owners identification Card ), you can't hold one. Illinois doesn't register guns, they register owners!!

Now I live in the land of the free (Vermont) and life is good! No permit to carry either openly or concealed!
I believe Chicago used to ban handguns, but no longer. That got overruled by the supreme court if I remember correctly.

Fortunately, my town doesn't have any restrictions on handguns or magazine capacity or anything of the sort. Chicago and Aurora do though. My gripe will be the wait time before I get my FOID card. If it doesn't arrive in 31 days, I'll be making some phone calls.

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