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I say 99% of all issues with the LNL and their dies is due to improper setup and not checking line-up and such. I have all my decapping pins that I bought in '94 for the rifles(RCBS) and now in the last decade pistol(Hornady,RCBS, and Redding), not one broken,one did bend because of a small flash hole in cases that usually had larger and it was MY fault for trying a little harder, but I didn't force it enough to break it. Physical breaking parts is alway due to forcing things that shouldn't be forced, but sometimes a new person doesn't know how much is too much, so it is understandable. It is when 2 or 3 things get broken that it is time to just buy factory ammo.
Imperial sizing wax or RCBS case lube has kept the seized cases away from me except with a certain bad die(of which the name I will withold, L )but once it was replaced all is good. One Shot is to be avoided at all costs for rifle case resizing. It's ok for straight walled pistol though where pressures are low.
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