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Sorry--somehow my partial post was posted while I was still typing...

Should have got a Hornady L-N-L--VERY quick and easy caliber change over. You need 2-5 die bushings and a shell plate. The press comes with both small primer and large primer parts and the switch over takes no more than 5 minutes and is faster as you get used to it.
Isn't is odd that the "problems" with Hornady are always being brought up by Dillon owners? May be trying to lessen the cognitive dissonance from spending so much?
I have been using a Hornady progressive since they first came out (30+ years) and have never felt that I had made a poor choice or thought than any other press was significantly better. I have used both a 550 and 650 without a case feeder and I hated them.
I currently have three 1050s and my son has my L-N-L. If all three presses were stolen tomorrow, I would go out and buy another L-N-L.
If you have runs of 50 cases, one "assumes" they are bottleneck rifle cases.
I don't think any one will do this, but I am quite happy with my $30 Lee Reloading Press for loading a few rifle rounds, up to .30-06. I also use it for depriming and with the Lee Bulge Buster. It wouldn't be the press I would choose to load rifle rounds every week all year, but it works great for occasional rounds.
There really is no choice--use what you have, get another press, or don't load small batches.
The Lee single stage press with die bushings isn't very expensive (compared to Dillon) and will do as good a job as another single-stage press.

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