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Should have got a Hornady L-N-L--VERY quick and easy caliber change over. You need 2-5 die bushings and a shell plate. The press comes with both small primer and large primer parts and the switch over takes no more than 5 minutes and is faster as you get used to it.
If you have runs of 50 cases, one "assumes" they are bottleneck rifle cases.
I don't think any one will do this, but I am quite happy with my $30 Lee Reloading Press for loading a few rifle rounds, up to .30-06. I also use it for depriming and with the Lee Bulge Buster.
There really is no choice--use what you have or get another press.
The Lee single stage press with die bushings isn't very expensive (compared to Dillon) and will do as good a job as another single-stage press.
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