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Just got a call from my local gunsmith, he said that he has the pistol in hand. I am going to the range tomorrow anyway for the CC class, so I will pick it up then.

The real surprise is that it wasnt fixed. I was afraid of that. I was surprised that it was back so fast, so I called Stoeger customer service to find out the skinny. Stoeger told me that there wasnt anything wrong with the gun, and that that type of wear was normal for a Cougar. This is a BIG change obviously from what I was told earlier in the week. They told me that they test fired it, and it functioned well. Hell, I told them that on the phone. I explained to Stoeger that I have looked at several dozen photos of Cougars online, both the 8000, and the 8040, and though there was wear on the barrel lug, it was nothing like mine. The normal wear pattern of the lug on the cougars that I have seen was about the width of a pencil lead, more or less. NOT THE WHOLE LENGTH. I mentioned the fact that the front edges of the barrel lug are beaten up also, and they told me that they FILED THOSE DOWN! Are you friggin kidding me? I could have done that myself, but didnt because I thought it would only make the problem worse. Those parts fit together with tight tolerances, why would you file a part down? Just to add to the insult, I was informed by my gunsmith I have a 35.00 charge to pay before I can pick it up. Sad to say it guys, but this pistol is so friggin gone tomorrow it aint funny. Nothings wrong with it? Then they shouldnt have any problem giving me a good trade in allowance. For a few bucks !LESS! I could have had an M&P.

If by some trick of fate I should bring it home tomorrow I will post pics.
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