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Originally Posted by Sparks1957 View Post
If your income is limited so that you all have to worry about keeping the bills paid, and especially with small kids in the house, I think your wife has a say in the matter for sure.

In my case, both my wife and I are employed, most of our major debts are gone, and we have some disposable income. She has her hobbies, and I have mine. We don't get in each other's way.

Marriage is a tricky thing. Got to have respect and keep things balanced. Husbands and wives need to correct each other when wrong but give leeway as well when appropriate.

None of us know what's right for you and yours but it is all about communication and respect.

For me its not a hobby but more of a set of tools. That helps keep me in line. I can justify what I have as needs/potential needs and I have very few of the wants. And that's OK.

That's why I don't have an M1A...but I sure do want one.
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