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Gaseous thats a great idea. I also just titghened up our budget and trimmed some of the fat such as an unused gym membership, re-financed the house and cars, packing lunch instead of buying, etc.

I was also just thinking of a "spring cleaning" of stuff that I could sell on Ebay....I LOVE the PayPal idea and it would also encourage me to bring in some extra freelance work (I do graphic design on the side) to finance "extras" including my next .45 purchase. That way, I can leave my credit card and checkin accounts alone!
the paypal idea is worth mentioning to your wife. if she's ok with it then i'd say you're golden. the thing you'll have to be careful of are those pesky impulse purchases. you may see something you want for whatever reason but not have enough in your paypal account to fund the purchase, and then you might dip into your personal account. as long as you avoid these impulse purchases and only buy what you can afford then I see no problem with going this route. but, you'll have to convince your wife first.

as a side note, i'm a fiscal conservative and am pretty tight with my money. I don't believe in negative cash flow and spending money I don't have ( cards) or squandering what I do have. I'm always amazed reading some of the threads on this forum. It seems like as soon as someone gets cash in their hands they run out and blow it on guns. Sure, if you're financially secure this isn't a problem but when some of us live paycheck to paycheck it strikes me as foolish. My wife and I save about 30% of our monthly income and put it into savings. I also do a lot of shopping at thrift stores and try to save money when and where I can. it's good that you've tightened your budget and are at least taking financial responsibility.
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