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Hello Stressfire & Microgunner,,,


There are no X-frame S&W's,,,
They are as mythical as the Unicorn,,,
At least an X-frame that I could afford is mythical.

But seriously,,,
I've only seen a few X-frames,,,
The one used gun I saw (.460) was $1,250.00.

I was flush as far as disposable money right then,,,
But I passed on it because I knew I would never shoot the monster.

So unless one drops out of the sky into my lap,,,
The Harem will have to remain a 4 woman seraglio.


Don't be a hater my friend,,,
If you ever happen to pass through Stillwater,,,
We'll go to the range and you can dance with all four of the ladies.


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Aarond is good,,, Aarond is wise,,, Always trust Aarond! (most of the time)
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