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After practicing on some empty rounds I finally got the seating and crimping the way I wanted. I loaded 30 rounds and went to the shooting range yesterday. The gun did not jam this time

Hornady Varmint 22 CAL .224" 55gr SP w/ Cannelure
21.6gn of Hodgdon H335 rifle powder
Federal small rifle primers
Used brass from the range that was trimmed to 1.751

I've had trouble getting my Hornady Camlock Case Trimmer to dial in exactly at 1.750 . I either over shoot it or end up at 1.751 . I ordered the Possum Hollow Case Trimmer and it has arrived, however the Power Adapter that I ordered separately has not even shipped yet and they won't respond to my emails or answer the phone haha... does anyone know of any other Power Adapter that would fit?

The brass was of mixed types and the amount of times it had been reloaded was unknown. I've purchased a Case Catcher for my AR15 so I can collect my brass instead of picking it up off the ground. This way I know what is what and I can sort it out as I use it for my own reference when I take it home. I'm still picking up what I can at the range, but I'm going through it now and sorting it by type and trying to be selective

The range I go to out here just opened up a Reloading Shop this week... I felt like a little kid in a candy store . I was extremely surprised to see all the goodies they had in stock. This will definitely make it easier on me in the future if I can't stand to wait for something to be shipped to me . I showed my reloads to the guy that was working there (he is the resident reloading expert at the range) and the only negative comment he had was that he thinks I could let back a little on the crimp.
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