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I got the order from LEE. I went ahead and ordered a new ergo-prime and the new body for my 30 year old Lee auto, 5$.
After using the Ergo, I will never use the old one again.
Several things that make it great.
1. The tray will take any primer container tray easily.
2. I like the small pin that extends as the handle is pulled blocking any primer from entering primer rod.
3. They did fix the plastic tabs, I think, its hard clear plastic and thick, about the thickness of the old lid.
4. Initially it was a dislike, the handle you compress to prime the case is at the front of the tool instead of the rear as in my old auto. It felt wrong and my hand soon started hurting. But after several hundred cases it felt fine and over all a much better fit to the hand and very smooth. My guess it was mussels unused.
5. At the corner of the tray where primers enter below the shell holder. On the tray there is a small pyramid aria of the plastic that sets flush with the bottom of the lid.
This pyramid is on the tray to align only one primer wide and about 6 or more long so that primers won’t bunch up as the old auto primer. There are times with the old one that I had to shake the tool to get a primer to fall into the primer rod. GREAT IDEA

Only one. With the old auto prime you could throw the case at it and it would go into the shell holder. With the ERGO you have to work a little harder to get the case in position so that it will slide in. There isn’t as much clearance at the front of the shell holder. Works well but you have to be a little more careful aligning the case.
Great company, Lee
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