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Understand the statement regarding war zone is not meant to imply that one is wrong, crazy, stupid for having a high capacity semi. To each his own.

I live in the most dangerous city in America. When gun violence happens here it is normally an up close, personal, armed stick up, car jack sort of thing, and if you can get a gun out, on target and a couple of shots then you are lucky. For my personal comfort level I have a concern about getting a semi out of safe mode, and will it work, in a panic, wheel gun is just less to worry about. I spend a lot of time working on being on target, get shots off, and for me ease of operation is factor #1, not how many shots I have.

Truth is you don't know if whatever you have is gonna be more than the bad guy has. He already has the advantage of knowing what he came to do, so if I can equalize and get off a couple of well placed, quick shots then I'm making a break for it. So in my mind the need may not be there for high capacity, if anything I would choose a bigger caliber. A real gunfight is rare even where I live. It's typically 1 or 2 bad guys, 3 to 5 shots, event over. I do understand that one would rather have more and not need it than need it and not have it and to that end I will train more for speed and accuracy.
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