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Saigas are very good for the money. Don't expect them to be sub MOA shooters though. They are quite reliable (as with most kalashnikov pattern rifles).

You didn't specify a price, so we don't know exactly what you are looking for. Below I will post some brands to look into. You also didn't specify if you wanted more of a tactical carbine or more of a dmr type rifle.

Some brands to look at are Armalite, Rock River Arms, S&W, Bravo Company USA, Daniel Defense, or POF-USA (my favorite). All of the above make top noch products. If you have any questions about any of the above, PM me.

All of the above accept saiga are ar-15 type rifles, if the sights seem too high, you could get a cheek riser for the fixed stocks like these. It'll bring your face up to the proper height for the sights if you're not there naturally.

All in all, I'd recommend an ar-15 type rifle due to the large number of parts and accessories readily available.
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