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She made me promise to come up with a reasonable limit to my gun purchases & collection (right now its only 4) until money is flowing a bit more freely. We are both middle income people on a budget with a young baby. Fine, the dude abides.
I think your wife is correct, especially with a baby in the house. I'm in a similar situation. My wife is currently 4 months pregnant and we're middle income as well. I have a pretty decent sized chunk of cash set aside in savings to serve as the baby fund but I'm not going on a spending spree either with guns. my wife isn't a big fan of firearms and rolls her eyes everytime I mention wanting a new gun. Right now our baby is more important that my hobby, so I continue to save our money. with that said, I do maintain a paypal account and was thinking of funding any and all gun purchases through that, meaning I would sell stuff to buy guns I want. as long as i'm not spending money from our savings account I think my wife might be ok with it.
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