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Savage 110 Not Grouping

I have a .270 savage 111 (accutrigger and thumbhole stock) with a leupold scope. this past summer i took it to a new gunsmith (who is now out of business and i had to get the police involved to get my rifle back from) to get the leupold mounted and a deep clean done. Last week i was shooting 1/4 in groups and clovers at 100 yards and couldn't have been happier with the rifle except for the tirgger. So i went home, adjusted the trigger, and went back to the range today and was shooting all over the place. I couldn't even shoot a 2 in group to save my life, it was embarassing the say the least.
So the RSO and i pulled the screws out of the stock and re-torqued them, turns out the screw furthest back on the stock is stripped (awesome), i didnt notice when i adjucted the trigger because i just tightened it to snug; however, with the torque wrench it wouldn't tighten up to the propper amount. then put a few more rounds down range and same thing, not grouping. Next we pulled the scope, rings, and base off then remounted everything and made sure everything was even and torqued properly, that helped some. after that i was able to at least keep everything in a line to left but elevation was still all over the place.
Does anyone know what could have caused this? to go from shooting close gorups and multiple rounds touching to not even grouping? any ideas or advice yall have on what happened and/or how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.
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