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but Grade F or not's still an 870
Jim, ol' pal, it may be a case of yes and no. My experience with Remington's Custom Shop guns is limited to 1100s; but, I assume 870s are similar. My buddy has a D-grade (less engraving than an F-grade) 1100 Skeet gun -- a thing of beauty with a custom serial number of his choice. The custom work was more than just being prettied-up, the mechanics are custom, too. Shootings the guns, there is a distinct difference between my standard target grade and his D-grade. The D-grade had none of the clickety-clack that I associate with my 1100's cycling -- its action is very smooth and tight. Again, I'm assuming, but I imagine an F-grade 870 will shuck a lot smoother (and quicker) than any standard grade 870.
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