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The backstory also involves the words "arms", "keep" and "bear".

These words are terms of legal art which existed in law predating the broad use of firearms and the Constitution by a couple of centuries, and which dealt with the human right of self-defense of an indvidual against predation, small (local thugs) or large (government tyranny).

The Founders knew this, and knew that any other rights enumerated by the Bill were only so good as the ability to effective self-defense. When and if firearms are obsolete, whatever replaces them at the individual level will be "arms" and the 2A will be as vital and fundamental to individual freedom as it ever has been.

I dislike framing the debate over 2A as "gun rights" as it IMO is the right to self-defense (by any "arm" necessary and proper for that task). An individual, to have access to arms, has to be able to "keep" them, and to have arms available when trouble finds the person, must be able to "bear" them.

Hence"...the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.".
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