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Does your wife enforce a limit on guns & ammo purchasing?

Some of you are lucky enough to share this amazing hobby/sport/collection with your wives and girlfriends. Let me tell ya you folks are LUCKY!

As for mine, she is still afraid of guns but slowly breaking down and willing to come with me on a range trip some day. Ill keep working on her but I digress....

She made me promise to come up with a reasonable limit to my gun purchases & collection (right now its only 4) until money is flowing a bit more freely. We are both middle income people on a budget with a young baby. Fine, the dude abides.

So we finally negotiated for at least the next couple years on a 5 hand gun max. Right now I have 3.....slowly working up towards my next one most likely a compact 45 acp. And in terms of ammo, she tells me that once my medium sized safe is full....thats it. No more ammo. Right now its about half full with roughly 1000 rounds of mixed calibers.

I just wish I had an extra $10k to spend on guns, I would be happy!
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